We are all dealing with aches and pains from everyday life or maybe just not recovering like we used to when we were younger from our workouts.
You might have kids that play school or club sports that demand more on their bodies with the intense training and games every week. We have the answer
Elixir Muscle Recovery Centers have the most advanced therapies at a low membership rate that gives you unlimited use per month of the same therapies the pro athletes use to stay at the top of their game. If you or a family member is working out, playing sports or just training for an event, you need to be doing recovery work to continue to make progress and stay injury free! 
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Whats happening today with Youth Sports

I have seen thousands of kids with my career in sports therapy and the volume of activity that kids are training and playing in todays sports has increased over the last decade. Most often I see them after they have already been injured, and most don't think about the preventative side of sports and wellness. I have worked to help parents become more aware of the benefits of keeping their young athlete healthy through a busy sports season. Body recovery therapy is for all ages and allows for less injury, faster recovery, improvement in performance, and over all neuromuscular clarity. Finding the balance between volume and maintenance is what we do at Elixir Muscle Recovery Centers. Let us help keep your athletes at the top of their game!
Jason Brown- MA, BS, NASM

Muscle soreness

Muscle tightness

Joint pain

Muscle fatigue

Joint limitations



Lack of flexibility

Mental fatigue

Concussion Symptoms

Sprained joints

Joint swelling

Muscle swelling

Muscle tightness

Muscle fatigue


Limited range of motion

Poor Circulation

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